A day in the life of Hiro or Heroes!!!


I have with patience been watching avidly the story unfold for a little show called Heroes. Ok I know it is a huge hit, but when it started I had my doubts, all the stories seemed fragmented with little or no relevance to the other characters in the story. I’ll be honest if it was not for this little tech dude by the name of Masi Oka I would have left the show to rot along time ago. Oka’s character the conveniently named Hiro, was by far the most intriguing in the bunch. That has changed since the beginning, in some ways the show has to juggle many characters all at once and it will always be difficult to give each character their due.

The last few episodes have been the best of the series so far, on par with the killing Ana Lucia and Libby off on lost. Fans of the show are finally getting to see the payoff and the special effects are starting to play in the stories more and the great thing is that they don’t feel forced they have been integrated into the psyche of the show and it’s audience.

The thing that I like the most about Hiro is that for once we get to see a character be truly childlike with his journey…Hiro looks forward even when he is down to the next day because he knows that it’s going to give him the chance to learn and further use of his powers. His emotions get the best of him as he gets too excited at times “ah flying man!” or when he is faced with a cityscape in ruins “I have failed!”

I can only hope that they continue to develop characters as deeply as Peter, Claire and Hiro.

As far as HRG is concerned that will have to wait for another day!!!


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