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This is Sparta!!!


Earlier this week I saw 300 with a co-worker and was impressed by the movie and it is not a surprise that it has already made over 100 million dollars in the first two weekends of release. Until Sin City I was not really that aware of the work of Frank Miller and the contribution he has made to the world of comics. Miller’s style is brash and alarming but it is also challenging and thought provoking. I am not as much of a history buff as some of my friends, but I will win when it comes to the world of cinema.


Although there are unneccesary scenes of nudity that almost seem out of place…I am sure that some will be jumping up and down at that comment…the movie does accomplish something that few movies do, hold my attention for the entire length of the experience. The Matrix…the first one…is one of those types of movie. The film is engrossingly beautiful to look at and one will find themselves wrapped up in the films pseudo-realism. Yes the film is violent, but no more violent than say Braveheart and dare I say less than that. The reason for this is the way the story is told. At no point do you see the colour red when it comes to blood. The bleeding comes in the form of dark splotches that are more like ink blots on a page than they are gushing fountains of blood.

It is with some trepidation that I recommend this movie…so I’ll recommend it with a precursor…this is not a movie for everyone. However some things to note that will be interesting to think about and ponder.

1)The dependence on mystics…there is a battle and distinct opinion given on mystics…when King Leonidas consults the mystics for a decision about the pending war and the observance of a particular religious celebration; the advision given appears to be on the surface about a faith in their Gods and the disaproval that will be given to Sparta if it is ignored. However the overseers or keepers of the truth are being paid to skew the message. It would be interesting if anyone could find out what was actually said by the Oracle and whether or not it matched the words of the mage.Further, when King Xerxes sends in his magicians…really they are just bomb experts…they are dispatched quite easily.


By far though my favorite moment is when King Leonidas stands before King Xerxes and Xerxes is towering a good 2-3 feet taller than him. I could not help but see the David and Goliath motif they were establishing. In the end if you know your history than you know the outcome, but that should not stop you if you want to see a visually stunning movie and an exploration into either madness, heroism or stupidity, wherever you end up at the end you will be able to own your opinion and I look forward to more exploration of these themes.

I do wonder sometimes if maybe it would be great to see Miller take on the Bible and do it with integrity, beacuse there are some pretty horrific stories that are in there????


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