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Top Ten Movies that have something to Say!!!

Well I thought my first foray into top 10 lists should be unique so here goes…The Following is my list of movies that have something to say…in no particular order.

1.Life is a House


This movie came out roughly around the same time as American Beauty and I personally think it is a far superior of a movie. One of the main reasons is that the story deals with many of the same themes and motifs and unlike AB it gives the viewer a sense of hope instead of dread.

2.The Power of One


This is a movie that I never get sick of…TPOO deals with the issues from the time of Apartheid in Africa. It is told through the eyes of a Missionary Kid and how he responds to the life that he is presented with.

3.Pan’s Labyrinth


What can I say about this one…It’s brand new so I don’t want to spoil the story for you. There are deep currents going on throughout this movie. One warning although it may look like the neverending story from the packaging this is not a movie for kids.

4.The Shawshank Redemption


This movie speaks for itself…

5.The Matrix


The Matrix came into the world as a whisper and grew into a worldwide blockbuster. I never saw it in the theatre but I sure wish that I had, when I popped it into my VCR, I was glued to the set for the entire time. It manages what many movies fail at…combining philosophy, religion and action scifi and mystery into a well thought out commentary on the state of the world.

6.Schindler’s List


Again words cannot convey the impact of this movie.

7.Tears of the Sun


I know, a Bruce Willis action movie…This is a movie that does take its subject matter seriously and takes the viewer on a journey to salvation for a country and a character…and it carries with it a memorable line. “God left Africa along time ago”watch the movie and get teh context.

8.Bowling for Columbine


“You mean to say that I can get a free hunting rifle for opening an account with you.” ‘Nuff Said

9.Crash (Mike Figgis)


10.A Time to Kill



A day in the life of Hiro or Heroes!!!


I have with patience been watching avidly the story unfold for a little show called Heroes. Ok I know it is a huge hit, but when it started I had my doubts, all the stories seemed fragmented with little or no relevance to the other characters in the story. I’ll be honest if it was not for this little tech dude by the name of Masi Oka I would have left the show to rot along time ago. Oka’s character the conveniently named Hiro, was by far the most intriguing in the bunch. That has changed since the beginning, in some ways the show has to juggle many characters all at once and it will always be difficult to give each character their due.

The last few episodes have been the best of the series so far, on par with the killing Ana Lucia and Libby off on lost. Fans of the show are finally getting to see the payoff and the special effects are starting to play in the stories more and the great thing is that they don’t feel forced they have been integrated into the psyche of the show and it’s audience.

The thing that I like the most about Hiro is that for once we get to see a character be truly childlike with his journey…Hiro looks forward even when he is down to the next day because he knows that it’s going to give him the chance to learn and further use of his powers. His emotions get the best of him as he gets too excited at times “ah flying man!” or when he is faced with a cityscape in ruins “I have failed!”

I can only hope that they continue to develop characters as deeply as Peter, Claire and Hiro.

As far as HRG is concerned that will have to wait for another day!!!


Things seemed cooler when I was younger!

I have a theory…as we grow up, things that we thought were awesome when we were younger seem cheesier as the years go on. I do love to wax poetic on those things, but I have to be honest I can only handle it in small doses now. Point in case cartoons that were on in the 80’s had very weak dialogue and thematic storylines. Check out one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and you’ll see what I mean.

Seriously I am not slagging on this stuff as it is fun to watch again. However I am not going to sit and watch 4-5 episodes back to back at a time.


A journey around the web…with me.

I thought for a split second I would share with you the sites that I love and a few that you may never heard of \… so in the words of Super Mario here we go.

Entertainment News

Entertainment Weekly and TVGuide: The online version of the magazines they are filled with daily information and discussions about the latest and not so greatest on TV and movies.

Comingsoon, Ain’t it Cool and darkhorizons are great sites and usually has fresh news about movies and projects in their various stages of development.

Newsarama offers upcoming information including great art on all things comics.

Matters of Faith:

Sermons by Rob Bell-Teaching pastor of Mars Hill and Nooma Video Series. Rob Bell is a gifted speaker and has challenged me to be better in many aspects of my life. He has authored two books; Velvet Elvis and Sex God both of which I recommend highly.

Relevant Magazine-A great source of current information, music and movie reviews, discussions on politics and faith and personal stories written by writers with a fresh take on matters of religion.

I will post more in the next few days…I have to go to bed!


This is posted because it’s true!

I found this a few months ago and it still cracks me up…

…so I thought I would post it just because!


Music that I listen to all the time…

Apparently some people do not read the blog before writing down a comment. Comments are welcome but I will not post comments that include swearing or derogatory remarks. That is not to say I don’t enjoy challenges or that they are not welcome. I am saying that if you are going to say something negative you should be able to say it with some finesse and not through crass and unnecessary language. I do find it funny how people take what should be a matter of preference and make it personal.   I share my opinions not to bash others into thinking what I think but to share what I have gained from it.

So anyways back to the post I know small tyrade…sorry about that…As a musician myself, I listen to many forms of music and I can’t say that I can be pigeoned down to one stereotype. Although right now it is not uncommon to hear me driving by with either The Fray or Snow Patrol blaring. I have an eclectic choice of music as like everything from Linkin Park to Morrisey and Daft Punk to Sarah Mclachlan. 

 Linkin Park: Points of Authority[

Morrisey: You Have Killed Me

Daft Punk: Around the World

Sarah McLachlan

I do not believe that I am alone when saying that we all go through seasons of listening to one type more than others…that can serve as a window into where you are at the moment…the beauty is this; you will find pieces of music that connect with your soul and when they come on the radio or hearing the MUSAK in the elevator, you are instantly reminded of what it was like when you liked that particular song.

So the answer to the post title…I listen to everything…whatever gets my boat sailing!


music that I am listening to right now…and proud of it.

Katherine Mcphee – Over It:

As American Idol continues to steam along churning out reasonable facsimiles of musicians. They have been lucky to chance upon real great voices like Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken (dude’s got a voice, too bad his music isn’t that great!) and Katherine. All to often they suffer from overproduction and really crappy songs. Seriously with dread of serious repercussions about what I am going to say; I can’t get this song out of my head. I know it’s produced heavily but the harmonies on the song are gorgeous. it’s bound to be a big hit. I have two words for you “Taylor who?”

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend:

When her song “complicated” hit the airwaves, Avril found herself shot to super stardom in a matter of weeks. As the song was received all over the world, there was talk of Avril being a one hit wonder, however after multiple hits coming from her debut CD people wondered if she could do it again. Her second album although did not do as well as her first, it would still have qualified as a hit. Now she is onto her third album in many years, with one hit already secure…”Keep Holding On” the only thing memorable from Eragon…Avril is at again and this song is as catchy as the first.

Toby Mac-Made to Love You

As a Christian, I am often discouraged by the quality of music from that genre. Toby Mac has continued to bunk the trend. Toby used to be part of DC Talk a huge Christian group that evolved from being a rap group to something that was diverse and challenging. When the group split up years ago to work on solo projects. Toby the rapper chose to go into producing as well as working on his solo effort as a result Toby has developed a musical style of his own. An eclectic mix of Rap Reggae and Rock. His songs have been used in movies…The Transporter 2… but has never garnered the respect from the greater musical population, because of his faith. Take a listen to something incredibly great…I bet you won’t stop it.

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