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Music that I listen to all the time…

Apparently some people do not read the blog before writing down a comment. Comments are welcome but I will not post comments that include swearing or derogatory remarks. That is not to say I don’t enjoy challenges or that they are not welcome. I am saying that if you are going to say something negative you should be able to say it with some finesse and not through crass and unnecessary language. I do find it funny how people take what should be a matter of preference and make it personal.   I share my opinions not to bash others into thinking what I think but to share what I have gained from it.

So anyways back to the post I know small tyrade…sorry about that…As a musician myself, I listen to many forms of music and I can’t say that I can be pigeoned down to one stereotype. Although right now it is not uncommon to hear me driving by with either The Fray or Snow Patrol blaring. I have an eclectic choice of music as like everything from Linkin Park to Morrisey and Daft Punk to Sarah Mclachlan. 

 Linkin Park: Points of Authority[

Morrisey: You Have Killed Me

Daft Punk: Around the World

Sarah McLachlan

I do not believe that I am alone when saying that we all go through seasons of listening to one type more than others…that can serve as a window into where you are at the moment…the beauty is this; you will find pieces of music that connect with your soul and when they come on the radio or hearing the MUSAK in the elevator, you are instantly reminded of what it was like when you liked that particular song.

So the answer to the post title…I listen to everything…whatever gets my boat sailing!


music that I am listening to right now…and proud of it.

Katherine Mcphee – Over It:

As American Idol continues to steam along churning out reasonable facsimiles of musicians. They have been lucky to chance upon real great voices like Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken (dude’s got a voice, too bad his music isn’t that great!) and Katherine. All to often they suffer from overproduction and really crappy songs. Seriously with dread of serious repercussions about what I am going to say; I can’t get this song out of my head. I know it’s produced heavily but the harmonies on the song are gorgeous. it’s bound to be a big hit. I have two words for you “Taylor who?”

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend:

When her song “complicated” hit the airwaves, Avril found herself shot to super stardom in a matter of weeks. As the song was received all over the world, there was talk of Avril being a one hit wonder, however after multiple hits coming from her debut CD people wondered if she could do it again. Her second album although did not do as well as her first, it would still have qualified as a hit. Now she is onto her third album in many years, with one hit already secure…”Keep Holding On” the only thing memorable from Eragon…Avril is at again and this song is as catchy as the first.

Toby Mac-Made to Love You

As a Christian, I am often discouraged by the quality of music from that genre. Toby Mac has continued to bunk the trend. Toby used to be part of DC Talk a huge Christian group that evolved from being a rap group to something that was diverse and challenging. When the group split up years ago to work on solo projects. Toby the rapper chose to go into producing as well as working on his solo effort as a result Toby has developed a musical style of his own. An eclectic mix of Rap Reggae and Rock. His songs have been used in movies…The Transporter 2… but has never garnered the respect from the greater musical population, because of his faith. Take a listen to something incredibly great…I bet you won’t stop it.


Grey’s Anatomy (a crash course)


Recently, Shauna and I decided to watch a show that everyone was talking about, some show about doctors or something like that. Well, we dove into the fictional world of Seattle Grace Hospital and was overwhelmed by what I found. A well casted show about life and death and love and relationships. Although it is frenetic and sometimes far fetched, viewers will find shows that test there beliefs and views from same sex relationships and matters of euthanasia. What I found were characters that I could relate to and people who in their roles were extremly believable.

In the course of a few weeks, exact time frame indeterminable, we watched from the beginning of the show and caught up to were they are right now. I have to say that I wish we could watch all the stories that they have in store for us now, but impatiently we will wait.

If you don’t realize each of the episodes find their title from either the name of a song or from a famous lyric line. Each episode also takes a theme or motif and develops it through not only the relationships but also through the surgeries they perform. Although at times the show can suffer from predictability, it seems to rise above this and say things that bring great meaning to the topic at hand.

Like any show on television, you have to sort through the good and the bad and allow yourself to see the conversations that can arise from quality shows like this. Although Lost is a great show in itself, where it thrives on mystery and shock. Grey’s finds it strength in the familiar and the emotions that drive us to make the decisions that we do.

When Izzie goes to such extreme measures to hopefully save the man that she loves…

When Burke proceeds with surgery when his hand is incapable of the fine strokes needed…

When Derek struggles with the infidelity of his marriage and the effort it takes to try to make it work again….

When Alex is faced with failure and his attitude to those around him increases…

When Addison makes the attempt to rebuild and to raise the white flag…

When George loses his father…

When Christine says “she’s my person” (refering to Meredith)…

When Meredith wants to give up because she is told that she is ORDINARY…

…you understand.

That’s what makes the show great, although there is stuff hidden in amongst the characters, there is nothing hidden for the audience. Every though word and emotion are there for the viewer to interpret and to ponder. We do need more shows like this, where the attention to detail is second to none and they understand the material that they are presenting.

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